How to Choose a Magento Expert

It may seem ridiculous, but despite the fact that modern development market is overcrowded with all sorts of companies responsible for delivering excellent ecommerce websites, most business owners waste much time while looking for an appropriate solution. Such companies can provide high-quality services, but still goes unnoticed. How comes it? Let’s delve into the topic and determine which criteria are the most relevant while searching for a Magento expert and custom ecommerce website development.


  1. What are the overriding factors that influence the choice of a Magento professional?



  • The first significant factor is the experience of the company. If we speak about Magento market, it has been existing for a long time. Moreover, it has experience transformation in recent years. If the company has held leading market positions for 8 and more years, it characterizes as an experienced company which can cope with any sort of issues.
  • The second point is company’s portfolio. You should study the case properly and find common features with your potential project. Additionally, pay attention to the location where the projects were implemented. If it is located in the same area with you, it will be simpler to get in contact with the client and learn his feedback related to the company and the services it delivers.
  • The third point is the staff. It doesn’t make any sense what is the size of the company. In fact, it can be small, middle or large-sized. The most significant point is the level of proficiency and the status of being certified. In respectable companies the employees are certified, that means all developers who work on Magento projects have passed the Magento certification exams. It helps them keep knowledge updated and resolve more complicated issues. The exams are not so easy to pass, as it takes some concentration and experience you gained within the practice as well as much time and effort. In case, if the staff consists of certified front end as well as back end developers, you can easily trust them and expect high-quality result.



  1. Where to look for an ecommerce development company?


One of the proven ways is visiting tradeshows where there’re a lot of Magento agencies interested in a potential client. The benefit for you is the fact that all great companies come together and ready to represent their services properly. So there’s an opportunity to compare, estimate and select the most appropriate company based on your needs.